September 09, 2021

San Clemente Times: The Levin Letter: Federal Relief Arrives for Cherished Local Businesses

by Rep. Mike Levin

South Orange County residents know the value of the small businesses that anchor our community. Locals and tourists alike come together to build memories in the many restaurants, recreational venues, and other locally owned establishments that line our streets. Amidst a pandemic that threatened many of these small businesses, federal relief has enabled many to keep their lights on. By now, you've probably heard of the American Rescue Plan, a comprehensive federal effort to address the … Continue Reading

August 05, 2021

San Clemente Times: The Levin Letter: New Federal Funding will Increase Community Access, Fight Coastal Erosion

by Rep. Mike Levin

Roads, rails, and sidewalks connect our neighborhoods and enable freedom of movement throughout South Orange County. Unfortunately for our coastal community, erosion presents a growing threat to the safety of our people and the structural integrity of our crucial transportation infrastructure. Over the past several decades, our beaches and bluffs have been placed under enormous stress due to sea-level rise and other environmental factors. The results of these forces are entirely predictable: … Continue Reading

July 08, 2021

San Clemente Times: The Levin Letter: We Can't Let New Offshore Drilling Devastate the South OC Economy

by Rep. Mike Levin

As most people in South Orange County know, our coastal waters are the lifeblood of our local economy. From boating to surfing to hospitality, ocean-based economic activity employs tens of thousands of Orange County residents. However, offshore drilling threatens our waters, along with the communities that rely on the ocean to make ends meet. We must eliminate the possibility of new drilling along our shores. As an environmental attorney and an advocate for coastal preservation, I've long … Continue Reading

June 21, 2021

Times of San Diego: Opinion--To Fight Poverty, Congress Must Support Permanent Expansion of Child Tax Credit

by Rep. Mike Levin

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of families have struggled under the weight of child care expenses. With two young children of our own at home, my wife and I know firsthand how costly child care can be. A key federal program to help parents with these expenses is the Child Tax Credit, which has lifted millions of children out of poverty. During the public health and economic crises of the past year, it became clear that parents needed even more help, which is why Democrats in … Continue Reading

June 12, 2021

San Clemente Times: The Levin Letter: South OC Veterans Remind Us of Public Service

by Rep. Mike Levin

This past Memorial Day, those of us who are vaccinated were able to safely gather again with friends and family, returning to all of the traditions that we cherish. While the day marked a new milestone in the pandemic-a sense of normalcy as we begin the summer-it's important for us to remember what Memorial Day really means. The veterans honored in South Orange County continue to remind us of the service and sacrifices that have been made for our country. I had the opportunity to join … Continue Reading

May 28, 2021

San Diego Union-Tribune: Opinion--My grandpa served in the U.S. Army Air Forces. I keep fighting for the values he taught me.

by Rep. Mike Levin

Levin, D-San Juan Capistrano, has represented San Diego's North County in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2019, and serves on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee. He lives in San Juan Capistrano. My grandpa, Ted Levin, served as a gunner with the 867th Bomb Squadron of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. He lost many friends during the war, and taught me that there is no higher calling than honoring the courage and bravery of our fallen heroes. On Memorial Day and every … Continue Reading

May 08, 2021

Dana Point Times: The Levin Letter: Restoring SALT Fairness

by Rep. Mike Levin

As I travel around South Orange County and the rest of our district, there's one issue that I hear about consistently from constituents across the ideological spectrum: the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction. The SALT deduction has been around since the Revenue Act of 1913, allowing taxpayers to claim deductions for the taxes they pay to state and local governments. However, the 2017 tax bill capped the SALT deduction at $10,000, meaning many families in South Orange County can no longer … Continue Reading

April 08, 2021

San Clemente Times: The Levin Letter: Federal dollars will help get our kids back in school

by Rep. Mike Levin

My wife, Chrissy, and I are proud to send our two young children to Capistrano Unified schools. Like so many children, they have done remote learning throughout this pandemic. And like so many parents, we know what it's like trying to make sure they're logged on to their classes at the right times, juggling both of our jobs with sometimes unusual schedules, working through technology issues, and more. We've all been forced to play the role of teacher's assistant. It can be exhausting. We … Continue Reading

January 06, 2021

San Diego Union-Tribune: Rep. Mike Levin on U.S. Capitol riot: The terrorists who sought to overthrow our democracy must be prosecuted

by Rep. Mike Levin

For the first time since 1814, the United States Capitol Building was breached by an angry mob. More than 200 years ago, it was British troops. This time it was domestic terrorists, inspired and encouraged by President Donald Trump. As I write this on Wednesday, I am sheltering in the Capitol Complex just like every other member of Congress and members of their staff. I started the day prepared to uphold my oath of office - an oath I took this past Sunday at the launch of the 117th Congress … Continue Reading

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