House Passes Landmark Legislation Cosponsored by Representative Levin to End Washington’s Culture of Corruption

March 8, 2019
Press Release
For The People Act Would Ensure Clean and Fair Elections, End the Dominance of Big Money in Politics, and Ensure Public Officials Work for the Public Interest

Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S House of Representatives passed The For The People Act, landmark legislation cosponsored by Congressmember Mike Levin (D-CA) to end Washington’s culture of corruption. The democracy reform package would ensure that elections are clean and fair, end the dominance of big money in politics, and ensure that public officials work for the public interest.

“Last November, people across North County San Diego and South Orange County called for a change to the way Washington works and representation that puts them first, not special interests. That is what they are getting today with the For The People Act,” said Representative Levin. “I am proud to be a cosponsor of this historic reform package that will finally bring transparency and accountability to our political process and end the culture of corruption in Washington.”

For a detailed breakdown of the legislation, click here.